White Sox Rally Back From 6-0 but Fall Short against the Twins

Photo by Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins outlast the Chicago White Sox 7-6.

The Minnesota Twins got off to a quick 4-0 lead.

A fun fact for Twins fans.

Derek Holland, who started for the White Sox, had a tough day at the mound today.

Miguel Sano then homered to extend the lead to 6-0 for the Twins.

The White Sox are on board thanks to a sacrifice fly by Todd Frazier that scored in Tyler Saladino.

The White Sox did rally back from 6-0 to make it interesting, much thanks to this from Melky Cabrera.

It wasn’t enough as the White Sox fell to the Twins 7-6. The White Sox had back-to-back strike outs by Omar Narvaez and Leury Garcia in the bottom of the eighth, leaving runners stranded at second and third base. It was another frustrating loss for the White Sox as they lost their fifth straight game.

After the game, Derek Holland, who started pitching for the White Sox tonight spoke about the error that caused four runs in the first inning:

“Those guys are going to make the plays. I still have to make pitches after that, no matter what happens. I know what the situation was, but I feel it’s my fault more than anything. I didn’t execute the pitches after that, and that’s what put us in a bigger hole.”



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